I Thought “Giving Them What They Want” Was the Way to Stay Safe from Criminals

This guy didn’t get that memo, because he got what he wanted. It didn’t help. Family calls for Chesterfield motel clerk killer to come forward | WTVR.com

Colyer was killed after a gunman entered the business, displayed a handgun, and demanded money, police said.

He got the money, but then shot Colyer even though motel manager Jay Patel said surveillance video inside the office showed Colyer never put up a fight.

Cooperating with criminals is a strategy for staying safe. I think there are better strategies, but no strategies, but no strategy is perfect. I prefer self-defense, because I believe it is a better strategy.

A gun may not have saved this man – who was working and trying to provide for his wife and child – but the Left’s party line of cooperation did not work. Violent criminals do not stop being violent because you are acting meek.