You Can Just Hear the Reporter Asking the Pointless Question

The anti-gun crowd will paint this as “a teen tragically shot.” That he apparently was armed, engaged in a felony, and threatened the guy who shot him, won’t be of interest to them. (Why clutter the issue with facts?) Car owner fatally shoots 15-year-old he says tried to steal vehicle from driveway, sheriff says

The moral, as usual is don’t be a crock. (One would-be car-thief is in custody, the other is in the morgue.)

But I can just hear the reporter asking if the homeowner had a valid concealed carry license. Because that is all they know to do.

The sheriff said he doesn’t know if the owner had a concealed weapons permit because he is legally allowed to have a gun in his own home with or without one.

I’m sure that came as news to the reporter in question. (You do not need a concealed carry permit on your own property. You need it do go out into public.)

I wish the chattering classes would at least learn the basics of the law before being sent out onto the “crime beat.”

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0. Self-defense is a human-right. And the journalism profession (sic) is in dire need of some education.