Blunt Objects as Weapons – or – Why a Baseball Bat is a Threat

So I was contemplating the story of the NY police officer who shot the 66-year-old woman wielding a baseball bat. By way of Tam’s take on the matter. View From The Porch: How it’s framed…

But then I got to thinking about bats and other blunt objects as weapons. Because some will say that it isn’t a serious threat. Those some have not reviewed the facts.

The FBI Uniform Crime Statistics for 2015 have recently been released. In this the aggravated assault stats break out the crime by type of weapon used.

It turns out that “Other weapons (clubs, blunt objects, etc.)” account for 31.4 percent of the weapons used in aggravated assault. Firearms account for 24.2 percent in the same category.

Murders are another story of course, where firearms are used in about 71% of all murders. (I couldn’t find a link to the breakdown, so I was forced to rely on my spreadsheet-fu, which is sadly not what it was. You can download the base data yourself at this link.) But “Other weapons” still account for 11 percent of all murders nationally. Not an insignificant threat.