Marvel’s Jessica Jones Needs Some Firearms Instruction

So you probably know that Jessica Jones is a Marvel superhero (who somehow escaped the Disney ban on female superheroes). But there are still problems. (At least in the Netflix version of the character.)

WARNING: Spoiler alert. If you care about this kind of thing, and haven’t seen the final episodes, you might want to avert your eyes until you see all 13 episodes of the first season.

No really there are spoilers…

OK. Jessica Jones takes place in the Marvel Universe, which is to say the universe of the X-Men. The Big Bad of season 1 is a guy with the ability to make you do whatever he wants. But you have to get within a certain distance of him before he can control you, and if you get away and stay away long enough, the control will fade.

Jessica spends a lot of time trying to undo the bad he has done, but finally realizes that the longer he is around the worse things get, so just kill him.

Here is where I think she needs the services of someone with a quality sniper rifle. And there are even cops who have been controlled and want him gone. They don’t go for the long-distance approach either. And I found that to be really, really annoying. Like, fast forward thru the last few episodes annoying.

I realize that a lot of movies would end sooner than they do if the protagonist had a decent firearm (Signs, comes to mind.) But they wouldn’t all have to be as short as the movie below. But Jessica Jones could have ended sooner than it did.

One thought on “Marvel’s Jessica Jones Needs Some Firearms Instruction

  1. I remember that when Signs came out a reviewer here in the frozen north (of Florida) asked, rhetorically, when anyone had seen a working farm, “even one owned by a preacher”, that didn’t at least have a shotgun in the closet. “But that would be the intelligent thing!” has become one of my favorite explanations of why I didn’t avoid some minor disaster; it doesn’t fly so well when applied to serious (even in fiction) situations, which is why I can no longer watch most movies or TV.

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