No Way Back

No Way Back is the name of an Imoca60 open racing sailboat that will be competing in the upcoming (Nov 6th start) Vendée Globe around the world race.

Most of the videos are in French, so this is just music, and a depiction of the route (which is in English). Enjoy.

The skipper of No Way Back is Pieter Heerema. He’s Dutch.

At the age of 65, Pieter Heerema who is a captain of industry in offshore construction, enters the world of solo racing. A qualified and experienced sailor and racer in Holland and internationally, he has been sailing competitively since childhood. After his first tacks in dinghies, Pieter carried on sailing on various types of boats and competed in numerous events.

He had to qualify by participating in a trans-Atlantic solo race, among other things, like survival courses.

The winner in the 2012/2013 race took 78 days and a couple of hours to complete the circumnavigation.

The Vendée Globe is a single-handed, nonstop, around-the-world race sailed without assistance.


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  1. Fascinating sounding race. I assume it’s a total time from end to end thing with daily checks at both ends of the leg, since you said the winner took 78 days and change, spread over a 2012/2013 race. Not to minimize the challenge.

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