The Most Ineffective Foreign Policy of My Lifetime – Part 5

The Obama Administration counted on “Coalitions” to contain Chinese expansion in the South China Sea. But with no real strategy, there is not much containment. And people love a winner. Philippines’ Deal With China Pokes a Hole in U.S. Strategy – The New York Times

What had been a fairly united front against China’s expanding maritime claims, stretching from Japan to Malaysia, now has a gap in the southeast corner where the Philippines lies, and could soon have another at the southwestern end, where Malaysia is making noises about shifting its alliances.

In both cases, resentment over what is seen as American interference in unrelated problems — a wave of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines and a huge financial scandal in Malaysia — may have contributed to the shift.

That’s interesting. The current US Administration trying to dictate (I use that word specifically) to our allies. (I thought they hated dictators!) And in the end they are willing to do exactly nothing about Chinese building islands in the South China Sea. That is the exact opposite of “Talk softly, and carry a Big Stick.” That is “All hat and no cattle” foreign policy.

Eventually people are going to get tired of listening to a blow-hard, and being on the side of the loser. It is hardly surprising that people in East are reconsidering their relations with this country.

Part 4 is here, though it isn’t labeled as such. Part 3 is here. Though most of the stuff in the Politics category lately has dealt with foreign policy. (The election I find disgusting, on so many levels.)