What if You Got Shot, and It Took 25 Minutes for a Response?

This sounds like an ambulance/EMT issue, but it is really a cop issue. If there is a violent crime – this case was a gunshot wound – the EMTs won’t show up if the cops don’t show up. And the cops did not show up. Police response to shooting under review | WSB-TV

Why don’t they come?

“It’s a gunshot wound,” the dispatcher said. “Someone could be around that has a gun.”

Bystanders eventually took the injured guy to a nearby hospital.

The police response:

“The delay between the original call and arrival of units was inconsistent with our normal standard of response,” Capt. Mike Lindstrom wrote. “At the time of the call, there were no available patrol units in the area. Most were engaged in a foot pursuit with a wanted felon. A faster response time would have resulted if the district supervisor had pulled officers from the chase to the shooting scene. In this case, a judgment call resulted in the delay in response.” [my emphasis – Zendo Deb.]

So your life may depend on the judgement of some bureaucrat who won’t be held responsible if the situation ends badly for you (or whoever got shot.)

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, but sometimes you will wait. So you should be prepared to take other actions. (Like defend yourself, or carry a first-aid kit in your vehicle.)

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