NY Post Calmly Calls for Calm

Enough with the hyperbole and fear mongering already. Democrats need to get past their hysteria and move on | New York Post

Idiots and celebrities (but I repeat myself) are hysterical in denouncing the racism (that elected a Black President TWICE) that failed to elect Hilary. (Not sure how that works given she’s white, and I have read Whoopi Goldberg’s statement a couple of times. But then I just don’t give a damn what she thinks anyway.)

Reality check: Trump scored slightly less of the white vote than Mitt Romney — and higher percentages of blacks and Latinos. And women voted for him at about the same rate as they did for Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008. Is every presidential election a war between the sexes?

Academia sees Armageddon, too. Campuses across the land saw classes canceled and “support” sessions slated. “Many among us feel hurt and fearful today,” wrote NYU Law School Dean Trevor Morrison, inviting students to gather with “diversity” and “inclusion” officials.

Hello? It was a presidential election. They come every four years.

I wonder, did any colleges offer “support sessions” for their conservative students 8 years ago? Probably not. Because to academia, conservatives are bad, and get what they deserve.

A couple of friends tired to say to me (last week) that at least it would be over. I knew no matter who won it wasn’t going to be over. But I must admit, I didn’t expect riots. Because.