News Flash: Obama Doesn’t Believe in Paying Your Debts

Actually not much of a news flash; more along the lines of “dog bites man” than anything unexpected. Barack Obama Joins Greek Debt Relief Calls

U.S. President Barack Obama has added his voice to calls for Greece to be given relief on some of its crippling international debt.

Said “relief” to be funded by the taxpayers in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia – for the most part.

Greece is “celebrating” 0.5 percent economic growth in a recent quarter. Even as bad as things have been in the US, things are crazy worse in Greece.

I still don’t know why they didn’t admit defeat and get out of the Euro years ago. With the Drachma, their economy might have a chance. There is no end in sight while they cling to the Euro.

Because if Merkel tries to give away the store, so to speak, to Greece, she will suffer the wrath of the German people. (I still can’t believe they haven’t thrown her out of office, given everything she has inflicted on Germany.)

As screwed up as things are in the US, you can take heart at the thought that Europe is in even worse shape.