Elderly Man Shoots Intruder

How is a 78-year-old, described by his daughter as being sickly, supposed to defend himself without a firearm? UPDATE: Elderly man shoots alleged intruder; family says this isn’t his first break-in

This same set of “individuals” robbed this guy before.

Quinn says that’s because he knew better. She says this wasn’t the first time this has happened to her dad.

Back on Aug. 31, Quinn says Dunlap and a man broke into Foster’s home and stole about $20,000 in cash, as well as his bank account information.

“They stole all of his identity, his credit cards,” Quinn said. “We had two months, three months of nothing but hell.

So this time he was ready with a firearm.

Quinn is glad her father defended himself this time. Otherwise, she fears he may be killed next time.

“Shoot ’em,” Quinn said. “That’s what I’ve told him from the get-go. Shoot ’em. Then we’ll call the cops and we’ll sort it out.”

At this time, deputies say it doesn’t appear Foster did anything unlawful.

Police know at least one of the individuals, and are searching.

Self-defense is a human right.