Replacement Gun For CCW Permit Holder Who Came to Cop’s Aid

A guy gets pulled over for speeding and starts attacking the deputy. A Good Samaritan comes along and shoots the miscreant attacking the officer. Fla. bystander who shot cop’s attacker receives new gun

The gun got taken in as evidence, so instead of leaving the guy without a firearm, a local gun company provided him with a new one.

After the man showed the company his concealed weapon permit and passed a background check, the company donated the gun to him.

“The sheriff is calling him a hero,” Williams said. “If they were comfortable with him getting a gun, I was completely comfortable with giving him a gun.”

This guy did the right thing, in coming to the aid of someone in distress. He shouldn’t be without the means to protect himself.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.