Vendée Globe Update 17 November 2016

Alone. Nonstop. Around-the-World. No Assistance. That is the Vendée Globe.

The leaders in the Vendée Globe have crossed the equator into the Southern Atlantic.

The video is quite long, and you probably aren’t interested in the whole thing, but the first minutes are interesting, and then there is an interview with Rich Wilson, skipper of Great American IV, which starts at the 14 minute, 20 second mark. Rich Wilson is 66-years-old, and sailing in his 2nd Vendée Globe. He is running a global education program while sailing the race.

The race has been going on long enough that the first mechanical problems are beginning to show up. Rig problems. Hydraulic leaks. Generator problems.

Ranking on 17 November at 17:00 GMT

1. Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) 20,830.6 miles from the finish
2. Armel Le Cleac’h (Banque Populaire VIII) 84.6 miles behind the leader
3. Sébastien Josse (Edmond de Rothschild) 93 miles back
4. Vincent Riou (PRB) 118.2 miles back
5. Paul Meilhat (SMA) 183.5 miles back
6. Morgan Lagravière (Safran) 204.8 miles back
7. Jérémie Beyou (Maître CoQ) 271.1 miles back
8. Yann Eliès (Queguiner Leucémie Espoir) 414.3 miles back
9. Jean Le Cam (Finistère Mer Vent) 545.4 miles back
10. Jean-Pierre Dick (St Michel-Virbac) 602.9 miles back