BATFE Covers Up Criminals Getting Guns. Again.

This time it’s about guns being stolen from railyards in Chicago. Gun Thefts Continue At Chicago Railyards « CBS Chicago

Stealing guns from trains seems to be a thing in Chicago.

In May 2014, 13 Smith & Wesson rifles were stolen from a freight car near 63rd and State.

In April 2015, more than 100 firearms were lifted from a rail car. Within weeks of that heist a number of the weapons were used in “unrelated incidents throughout the city of Chicago,” according to court filings.

A Chicago alderman – Pat Dowell – wanted to hold hearings on the subject, but the BATFE convinced her that wasn’t a good idea. Can’t talk about security. It seems the .gov still thinks obscurity = security. (It isn’t.)

Then it happened again.

The most recent railyard theft occurred Sept. 18th. It was reported to Chicago Police 11 days later — for unknown reasons. No weapons have been recovered. The suspects remain at large.

So how many background checks for law abiding gun-owners do you think it would take to keep these guns from reaching criminals.

And yes, this story is from a week ago, but Obama pardoning turkeys was apparently a bigger story – given the lack of attention that this got.