The Internet of Things (IoT): All your security cameras belong to us

The “S” in IoT stands for “Security.” And Sony is the latest company to live up to that standard. Or down to it.Backdoor accounts found in 80 Sony IP security camera models | PCWorld

You could also file this under, “You’re doing it wrong!”

80 different versions of Sony web-connected security cameras have back-doors that would allow hackers to take them over. These are not cheap consumer devices, but those sold to corporations and government.

The second hard-coded password is for the root account that could be used to take full control of the camera over Telnet. The researchers established that the password is static based on its cryptographic hash and, while they haven’t actually cracked it, they believe it’s only a matter of time until someone does.

My guess is that we are living in the golden age of Internet access. In another 10 years, there will be so many botnets made of non-secure IoT devices, that the DDoS attack that brought down sites like Twitter will be so commonplace that trying to get anything done will be a fools errand.