Two More Sailors Retire from the Vendée Globe

Alone. Non-stop. Around the world. No Assistance. That is the Vendée Globe.

45 days into the race. News – Rookies’ regrets, warriors’ wars – Vendée Globe 2016-2017

In two cruel days the hopes of the Vendée Globe’s two top rookies have been dashed by mechanical failures. On Sunday afternoon it was the 35 year old race first timer Thomas Ruyant who was forced to abandon his race after 42 days while lying in eighth place. His seamanship in bringing his badly broken IMOCA, which threatened to break up and sink at any minute, 220 miles through some horrendous weather conditions, writes him into the race’s history books.

Thomas Ruyant hit a submerged object. It caused massive failure to the hull and deck. He is in Australia.

Paul Meilhat’s boat suffered a failure to the keel ram. The keels move on these boats and the hydraulic rams that move them are critical. The damage is too severe to repair at sea, so he is heading NW, trying to avoid weather that would threaten the boat.

I haven’t been following every minute of the race, but I think that makes 4 boats that have retired, and we are at about the half-way point. Two hit submerged objects.