The Bad Guys Still Haven’t Gotten the Memo About Texans

You know, the memo that says Texans are heavily armed, and they will shoot bad guys.

The first couple of guys thought robbing a house on Christmas Eve would be a good idea. They thought wrong. Son kills home burglary suspect outside Kingwood home |

According to police, the incident happened around 9:45 p.m. Saturday on Longleaf Pines Lane when a resident noticed broken glass in a front window of his home.

Police said as he was checking out the glass, the homeowner noticed a suspect in his home. He then alerted his son who was also in the house with his wife.

There was another guy who ran like a rabbit before police showed up.

The second guy thought it would be a good idea to help himself to whatever was in a truck that belonged to someone else. He was also mistaken. Alleged car burglar killed outside Fort Bend home |

The homeowner went outside, and saw something in the suspect’s hand. He didn’t know what it was and then, according to deputies, saw the suspect make a move toward his waistband.

That is when he opened fire, fearful the suspect had a weapon.

Self-defense is a human-right. [Hat tip to Breitbart]