Merry Christmas – Chicago Style

On the weekend that should be dedicated to celebrating peace on earth, Chicago resembles more of a war zone. Chicago Shootings: Over Holiday Weekend, Dozens Shot; At Least 11 Killed : The Two-Way : NPR

The Tribune lists 54 shot, 11 dead, but their story requires you turn off your ad blocker. (You are using an ad blocker, aren’t you. Dangerous malware in those ads.)

There have been more than 740 homicides in Chicago so far this year — the last time the city topped 700 homicides was in 1998.

And the numbers are up SIGNIFICANTLY over 2015. Why? Because Chicago refuses to put the violent behind bars. Chicago’s grim murder trend blamed on light sentencing, misguided reforms | Fox News

Former Chicago Police Department Chief of Patrol Eddie Johnson, says the rate of murders and shootings can’t be reversed until the criminal justice system begins to hold offenders accountable.

“We have five districts that are driving the crime in the city,” Johnson said in a recent radio interview. “And within those districts, there is a small subset of individuals who are responsible for those crimes. They have multiple arrests for gun offenses and until we start holding these people accountable [the problem will persist].”

If you charged those people under federal gun laws, they would be gone for 5, 7, 10, 25 or 30 years – depending on what they were doing when they used the gun in a crime. So how come everyone on the Left is screaming for more gun laws, but we aren’t using the ones we have?