Father Shot While Defending Family

He did exactly what parents are supposed to do; defend their children. Father Shot Twice While Defending Family From Armed Robbers « CBS Philly

His wife and his 4 daughters were upstairs when 2 intruders forced their way into his home.

Chief Inspector Scott Small says, “There was a struggle between the 27-year-old homeowner and these two males. One of the perpetrators did shoot the homeowner two times, in his mouth and his leg.”

Small says the homeowner managed to return fire, fatally shooting one of the men in the head.

This father is in hospital in serious condition.

The other bad guy ran like a rabbit.

Neighbors are shocked of course.

The police spokesman said that you have to defend your family.

“I know [if] someone came into my house, I’m going to protect my family to the fullest, that’s all I can say.”

Self-defense is a human-right.