Vendée Globe 2016-2017: After 2 Months of Sailing Nonstop

Alone. Nonstop. Around the World. No assistance. That is the Vendée Globe.

After looking like this might be a record-setting race, conditions have deteriorated somewhat. News – Great Expectations – the counters are reset – Vendée Globe 2016-2017

The race started on Sunday the 6th of November in Les Sables d’Olonne, France. They raced down the Atlantic, made a circumnavigation of the Southern Ocean, and are now “racing” back up the Atlantic. (Currently off the coast of Brazil.) I used “racing” because things have been slow.

Armel Le Cléac’h is the skipper of Banque Populaire VIII in 1st, and Alex Thompson, skipper of Hugo Boss, is in 2nd. About 250 miles separates the 1st and 2nd place boats, which isn’t a lot given the distance they have traveled.

Numerous skippers have had gear failures. There have been at lease 2 collisions with submerged objects. A lot of folks have retired from the race, but a few have made repairs with spares on-board and continued.