“You shot me!”

Actually, “shot at” may be more accurate. But what did he expect? Shot fired at machete-wielding man

Police said Gonzalez used the machete to shatter a window pane at 899 Golf Course Road in Turbot Township, north of Milton, after thwacking the front door in a failed attempt to enter.

That’s when David Everitt fired a single round at Gonzalez from a .22 caliber pistol, according to arrest papers.

After bullets started flying, (OK, bullet) he turned and walked away. Cops caught up with him, when called to a “medical emergency.” He was apparently cut by all the broken glass.

Gary Gonzalez, 54, of Milton, is jailed on $200,000 cash bail on felony attempted burglary and related charges following arraignment Wednesday afternoon by Magisterial District Judge Michael Diehl.

“Why so high?” Gonzalez asked at arraignment.

“It’s a serious charge, sir,” Diehl replied.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. [Hat tip to Concealed Nation]