Life in a Socialist Paradise. Or Not

The collapse of Venezuela continues apace. Venezuela Set for Murderous 2017

Shortages of food and medicine. Hyperinflation. Violence. Welcome to the Socialist paradise – praised by one and all from Hollywood just a few years ago.

The Venezuelan Violence Observatory (Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia – OVV) estimated 28,479 “violent deaths” during 2016, a homicide rate of 91.8 per 100,000 residents. As a point of comparison the murder rate in the United States is under five per 100,000. The count included deaths from confrontations involving security forces, a mounting number.

The numbers are expected to get worse this year.

During 2016 living conditions in the country further, hyperinflation is spiraling out of control and while the minimum wage has increased, salaries have been eroded by the rising cost of products, leading to a proliferation of the black market.

Can you say “failed state?”

So who were the Hollywood Celebs that were in love with the Venezuelan government? Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte, Naomi Campbell, and Princeton University Professor Cornel West. Not to mention boxing promoter Don King.

Wonder why they aren’t down there now?


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