Armed Self-defense in Greater-Miami, and the Neighbors Were Shocked

An attempt at armed home-invasion in the middle of the day. Repulsed by the homeowner. Hialeah Homeowner Shoots & Kills Intruder, 3 Others Flee « CBS Miami

They got in through the garage and a struggle first ensued between them and the adult homeowner. However, that guy was able to grab a gun and fire it, striking one of the suspect

The kind of story that I cover in this blog all the time.

Then the neighbors were shocked – shocked! – to discover that they live in the Real World™ and not in some fantasy land.

“Usually this is a very quiet neighborhood,” said George Martinez. “I am stunned.”

His reaction was one of the calmest.

If you can read this, then you do not live in Mayberry, or Pleasantville, you in fact live in the Real World where crime is a possibility. (I am also sorry to tell you that crime isn’t something that happens to “other kinds of people” in “other kinds of places.” It can happen to you.)