“Why are we putting up with all these people?”

Germans are starting to ask the questions I thought they should have asked BEFORE Merkel opened the flood gates of immigration. Asylum Law: The Opposite of Gratitude | ZEIT ONLINE

Criminals are misusing the right to asylum. Why are we putting up with these people? The time has come to give thought to a different immigration policy.

Zeit is not a alt-right publication. Like most mainstream German press they are leaning liberal, though they are more in the middle than most European press. When they start asking “Why are we putting up with all these criminals?” you can bet that reflects what a lot of Germans are saying.

So that’s how they’re thanking us, many citizens will have thought when they heard during the Christmas holidays that seven young refugees from Syria and Libya allegedly tried to set fire to a homeless person in a Berlin subway station. If passers-by hadn’t intervened, the victim could have died. Almost all the men were known to the police for acts of criminal assault. If this is in fact what happened, then it is a crime that causes people to be doubly angry, because along with violating the prohibition against murder, it disregards another fundamental expectation: Anyone coming to Germany as a refugee seeking protection should value this security instead of doing the exact opposite and threatening other people.

Europe is in deep yogurt, and it if there is any blame to be had, some of it has to land on Angela Merkel’s desk.