More Bullsh*t from Uber

They claim they are “hurting” over allegations of sexual harassment. I think they are only hurting over all the bad publicity. Uber pleads with users deleting the app: ‘We’re hurting’

For a rundown on the culture of sexual harassment, and the coverups by both HR and Uber management, see this link.

So in reaction to a #DeleteUber campaign, that is apparently gaining ground for several reasons, not just this train wreck, Uber is sending out a message, calling out the engineer that claimed sexual harassment by name, and asking users to reconsider. Yeah, that is probably a bad idea on a lot of fronts.

“They are either deliberately encouraging continuing harassment of her, or they are utterly ignorant of how retaliation and intimidation works — it’s unclear which is more embarrassing,” Valerie Aurora, diversity and inclusion consultant at Frame Shift Consulting, told CNNTech. The consulting firm hosts diversity and inclusion trainings at technology firms.

And if is getting worse for Uber.

After Fowler’s post on Sunday, the New York Times published a story in which other Uber employees described homophobic slurs in the workplace, managers who threaten violence, and sexual assault.

It is a good thing the fine citizens of Silicon Valley are SO culturally enlightened. NOT.

And after all this comes to light, management is going to investigate. Or whitewash. It is hard to tell at this distance. If Uber really believed, that sexual harassment, homophobic slurs and threats of violence didn’t belong the work place, they would have investigated 6 months or year earlier than they are doing. Hard to see their current activities as anything but damage control. They got caught being jerks, and they are running scared.