The Press is Hung Up on “Duty to Retreat”

In a lot of places the law states you have no such duty. As in this case. Fatal shooting at Rock Hill nightclub ruled self-defense – | WBTV Charlotte

The 76-year-club owner had ejected a group from his business after a fight. One of the guys returned but was denied entry. He struck the owner. He paid a steep price.

According to a news release, Teal then shot Elkins twice. One of the bullets hit Elkins in the ribcage area.

Authorities say Teal was legally carrying the gun.

The last quote is what caught my eye. You just know the reporter asked if the business owner had a duty to retreat, mostly because the Left hates the idea of self-defense. (You are supposed to rely on The State for EVERYTHING, including your safety.)

Prosecutor Kevin Brackett says a business owner has no duty to retreat when attacked.