More on the Top-down Culture of Sexual Harassment at Uber

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was shocked – shocked! – to discover that sexual harassment was going on at the company. But then of course he knew. (Just like Louis knew gambling was going on in Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.) I am an Uber survivor. – Medium

This is a first person account of what was going on in Uber. It is pretty disgusting.

Chauvinistic, racist and homophobic attitudes were far too normal at Uber. Once in a group chat, team members referred to a new Asian American recruit as slanty eye joe. It was normal for guys to refer to other guys as fags when they didn’t participate in private parties where sex and drugs were involved. It was normal for guys to openly refer to attractive female colleagues as sluts when they refused to go out with them. [emphasis in the original]

Kalanick and HR would squash any report of sexual harassment. And you have to think they were doing the same to complaints about racial slurs. Why? Because they could. Because apparently that is the type of company Kalanick wanted to build.

It goes downhill from there.

I found this via an article at Forbes. That article has links to several others including a letter from some Uber investors who are not convinced the “investigation” planned by Kalanick and company is anything but the early stages of a disinformation campaign.

That kind of culture won’t be changed until all the people at the top are booted out. And that won’t happen in a Silicon Valley startup.

California, and San Francisco in particular, love to tell the rest of the country how superior they are, how evolved, but these attitudes wouldn’t be out of place in the 50s.