Sexual harassment at the University of California

It’s funny but Californians keep telling us all how extra evolved they are compared to us poor slugs in Fly-over Country. But then this and the Uber stuff seems to throw that into question. Sexual harassment: records show how University of California faculty target students | World news | The Guardian

The article is a detailed analysis of the culture of sexual misconduct at the University of California. Many of the campuses are mentioned.

The records reveal that investigators substantiated students’ claims against UC professors for a wide range of misconduct, including lewd comments, unwanted propositions, inappropriate touching and sexual assault.

Some were terminated or resigned, but others faced minimal consequences, the records show. One-third of the accused still work for the university.

And I still don’t understand why professors who commit sexual assault are not arrested by the police. The real police not the campus overseers of policy. (One professor so charged resigned, and was never forced to face charges.)

So much for the enhanced level of anything at the University of California System. Just another bunch of entitled, ivory-tower jerks.