Choice of Shotgun and Ammo Make a Difference

On the surface, this story is amazing. Felon Shoots Cop In Face With Shotgun. Annoyed Cop Fires Back.

But then you find the shotgun was loaded with birdshot, not buckshot. That makes a tremendous difference.

If you’re going to shoot at two-legged predators, I strongly recommend buckshot. My personal preference is Federal LE 132 1B or Federal LE 127 00 ((based on how those load pattern out of my Mossberg 590). I aim it like a rifle, and at my longest possible in-home straight-line shot, it leaves a single golf-ball sized hole (the tear to the left is the Flite Control wadding, the tiny holes are plastic buffer material almost as ineffective as birdshot).

2.75 inch buckshot is perfectly fine.

I live in a single family home on 5 acres, and the house has brick walls. I don’t have to worry about “over penetration.”

The would-be bad guy in this case got captured.