Another Family Pissed at the Castle Doctrine

The story talks about “stand your ground” but the act of defense took place in the guy’s home. Stand Your Ground usually refers to that part of self-defense law that covers when you are away from home. The Castle Doctrine covers defense in your own home. (Expecting reporters – who hate guns – to get that is asking too much, apparently.) Fatal Fort Myers shooting justified by ‘Stand Your Ground’.

So a drunk guy comes home (or so he thinks), but goes into the wrong building in a complex. He then tries to force his way into a unit – the unit number that was his, and the unit number that he tried to force his way into are the same. The problem with being in the wrong building is an issue, and not a minor one.

So the guy who actually lived in the unit defended himself from someone trying to force their way into his home. The father of the guy who got shot calls that “premeditated murder.” The District Attorney saw it as self-defense.

Turns out alcohol really can kill you. (He is described as being “slightly intoxicated” by the author, but since exact blood-alcohol numbers would be available in the autopsy, I can’t help but wonder why they aren’t quoted in the article.)