Why Do So Many News Sites Have Autorun Video?

To any news site – I don’t want to listen to your video. I have my own things to listen to (see the category Musical Interlude for a clue). If I want to hear your inane anchors droning on about whatever story, I will start the video myself.

I know it is to too much to ask. They feel like they might lose out on some ad revenue. Or something. But really, isn’t there some way to stop the madness?


5 thoughts on “Why Do So Many News Sites Have Autorun Video?

  1. And yes, I know if it is Flash video I can set my browser to “ask first.” But Flash has been deprecated and so far I can’t find similar controls for the other brand of video.

  2. Some news sites have an option to turn off auto play – but so far, I haven’t gotten any of them to actually work!
    While i don’t like auto play videos, what really bugs me is the sites with 2 or even 3 of them on the same page – when your auto play video ad has audio that steps on your auto play content, you’re doing it wrong!

  3. The problem is I usually have music playing. And usually via a website (sometimes Pandora, sometimes YouTube, sometimes my cloud storage.) It is beyond annoying.

  4. you can get an extension called Flashstopper which works pretty well. It has for the most part eliminated the problem

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