Fake News, Tab Clearing, Etc

The LA Times got it wrong from the start, and all the rest of the Fake News Outlets media piled on. What You’ve Heard About The ‘MOAB’ AKA ‘Mother Of All Bombs Is Wrong!

The giant bomb U.S. forces dropped Thursday on an ISIS training camp in Afghanistan did not cost $314 million to develop, or $16 million per unit as reported by multiple news outlets.

Since the Air Force built it themselves out of stuff they had on hand from other projects, there is no independent accounting. (It isn’t built by an outside contractor.)

The sudden reaction of the Left to a President carrying out bombing missions is fascinating. You could almost think it didn’t happen last year. Map shows where President Barack Obama dropped his 20,000 bombs | The Independent

Outgoing US leader carries out 3,000 more strikes in 2016 than year before

Will have to do a Google search to see who was completely outraged by that campaign.

Too little too late? Merkel Admits ‘There Is No Doubt’ Some Migrants Are A Threat | The Daily Caller

The original is in German, but the translation is quite good (via Chrome anyway)