Driving in Atlanta Was NEVER Nice – Now It’s a Nightmare

Some bad things are happening in Atlanta.

First on March 30th there was a fire that took out a 100ft section of I-85 (Reconstruction promises to close side streets in the area!) That major thruway remains closed.

Then on the 17th a section of I-20 buckled, killing on guy on a motorcycle.

On the 19th a sinkhole closed a street in Midtown/

On the 23rd there was a 15-car pile up on I-75 in Bartow County (which is only barely in the Atlanta metropolitan area. But still…)

I think my next trip to Florida will be by way of Alabama.


2 thoughts on “Driving in Atlanta Was NEVER Nice – Now It’s a Nightmare

  1. Actually if it is possible try the tray. I did that a couple of years ago to Fla and it was really nice. Next trip ti SC we did a sleeper and that was even better

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