Now if only I had a fast Internet connection

So after getting sideswiped by a lightning bolt over the weekend, I think I am mostly back in business. And yes there were surge suppressors on everything.

New PC. Not top of the line gaming, but not too bad. (The old desktop died a while back. The charging circuitry on the notebook seems to have stopped charging.)

New monitor – actually bought 2 to set up the dual monitor system I have had planned for some time.

New desktop speakers – the old pair still worked but picked up a decided (and very annoying) hum.

None of this was in the budget. I’m just glad it didn’t reach the HDTV (though my brother-in-law just got himself a 4K Ultra High Dynamic Range TV which is sweet…) or any of the AV equipment.


2 thoughts on “Now if only I had a fast Internet connection

  1. Living where I do, I am lucky to have the connection speed I do. 15Mbps (over VPN) isn’t bad considering I live in the country.

  2. About ten seconds after I fired up my second monitor, anything with only one screen felt unbearably cramped. Now I’m running three widescreens, with a desktop five feet wide… the video card supports four monitors, but I’m out of desk.

    Now I understand why Terry Pratchett, answering people who wanted to know why he had six monitors, answered “because I don’t have room for eight.”

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