Self-defense Shooting Leads Cops to Seize Guns

Cops in Cleveland apparently don’t want lawful gun owners to have guns. Ohio Burglary Victim Says Cops Won’t Return Seized Guns

He went through the trauma of having to fire on a pair of home invaders. Then the cops seized all his guns, and now won’t return those guns.

Bridges claims Cleveland police unlawfully seized his property, “including a Glock 21 semiautomatic handgun, ammunition, holsters and a redcherry piccolo,” to be used as evidence in Akins-Daniels’ case.

Despite the fact that the criminal proceedings against Akins-Daniels are over, police have not returned Bridges’ guns, he says.

The suit wants compensatory and punitive damages as well as an injunction keeping the Cleveland police from infringing on anyone’s 2nd Amendment rights. He also mentions the 4th Amendment but the War on (Some) Drugs™ has killed that.)