Defense of Family

A violent home-invasion ended by a good guy with a gun coming to the defense of his family. Neighbor shoots, kills would-be robber, injures another in…

The headline says “neighbor,” but the article says uncle. Could you defend your nephews?

Four men invade a home and demand money. Tie up and beat the family. They tie a 10-year-old girl to a chair. They attack a friend who arrives at the wrong time, but it attracts the attention of the uncle/neighbor.

The man said his uncle, who lives next door, heard the commotion and opened fire on the group of men, killing one and shooting another in the leg.

Two other men ran away. Police said they do not have a descriptions of the men.

Mother, father, twin 19-year-old brothers and a 10-year-old sister were saved.

The family [the Garcia family] said the men spoke both English and Spanish and sounded like they were from Central America.