Adylkuzz: Worse than WannaCry?

What a surprise. (NOT!) There is another exploit that uses the unpatched computers attacked by the WannaCry ransomware worm. Adylkuzz hack, called larger than WannaCry, slows computers across the globe – CBS News

Monero is a crypto-currency, similar to Bitcoin. Adylkuzz takes over vulnerable computers to mine for Monero.

If you don’t understand that previous paragraph, you should make DAMN sure that you keep all of your computers up-to-date, and surf the web as little as possible, and DON’T open emails for folks you don’t know.

It’s a beautiful exploit really. These guys are probably making more than the folks behind WannaCry did, and most people won’t even realize that their computers are infected.

And all of this the result of NSA hording vulnerabilities so they could spy on us. (Well, and the insistence of folks who don’t know better that they can’t be bothered keeping up with security.)