Oh No! People Might Be Expected to Pay Off Loan$

It used to be that keeping a promise – even to a bank – was a virtue. 400,000 were promised student loan forgiveness. Now they are panicking – May. 18, 2017

Panicking because they might actually have to do what is they promised to do; pay off a loan.

Thanks at least in part to the Dept. of Education, the cost of a college degree has risen astronomically. So students are saddled with debt, that in many cases they are struggling to paying back. But then perhaps they should have thought of that before they ransomed their futures to get a degree in Whatever Studies.

I don’t want to have a debate about whether or not we need folks with degrees in stuff like French Literature. (Not chosen at random – I know someone with a degree like that.) But we don’t need millions of folks with that degree, and the 1 person I know had to settle for raising his family in backwoods place – granted a college town – where his wife is not happy. That doesn’t count the number of people with like degrees who are working in retail.

If you want to get a college degree in Whatever Studies, that’s great. Figure out how you are going to pay for it outside of “Getting a loan through the Dept. of Education and then having the .gov pay it off.


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