Real Life Precludes a Lot of Blogging

I doubt this got much coverage nationally, but it hit pretty close to home. Loveland blaze started as electrical fire above Tano Bistro and Catering, city manager says – WCPO Cincinnati, OH

Click on the image to be taken to a photo gallery from WCPO (local news), that accompanies the story at the link above.

Historic downtown Loveland, beloved for its small-town charm, was dealt a serious blow early Sunday. The community has vowed it won’t be fatal.

A massive fire gutted the upper floors of three buildings on West Loveland Avenue, near the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Everyone escaped unharmed.

A fire in a suburb of Cincinnati, in which nobody died, is not the sort of thing that draws the interest of the 24 hour news cycle. But a few businesses were destroyed, or at lease severely damaged. It is sort of a miracle that all the folks who live in the apartments on the 2nd floor were able to get out with no injuries, though they were awoken at about 1 AM and had to flee for their lives. They lost everything.

A couple of years back I lived about 4 blocks from this part of Loveland. I ate at Tano’s semi-regularly. (White table-clothes, and linen napkins – not the kind of place you eat every day. Though the lunch menu was cheaper – slightly) And I know the folks who worked in one of the businesses that was destroyed. Have spent the past 2 days helping people get the business back up and running, and it will take a while more.

But it is more important than commenting on the political insanity. So things around here are likely to get slow.


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