Rick Wakeman

In the final chapter of my favorite rock and roll keyboard artists, we have my favorite: Rick Wakeman of Yes.

My favorite piece of music by Wakeman is the album Journey to the Center of the Earth, but that is a bit obscure, not to mention very long. If you have some time, look it up. You can find it on YouTube, and probably other places. (Look for the original recording, and block out 45 minutes.)

This is “Roundabout” from Fragile, an album released in 1971.

My favorite Yes song, is probably “I’ve Seen All Good People” from The Yes Album, also from 1971, but this song is a better example of Wakeman’s keyboards.

After the break we have just straight piano by Rick Wakeman. A piece called “Space Oddity.” I think you’ll like it; it’s a tribute to Bowie.

One thought on “Rick Wakeman

  1. Oh, yeah. Rick Wakeman is a virtuoso like few have equaled.

    Great picks, BTW.


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