The Brits Should Recognize That They Have the Right to Defend Themselves

Maybe it wouldn’t help. But I think they need to try something new. ‘They shouted ‘this is for Allah’, as they stabbed indiscriminately’ – How the London terror attack unfolded

A speeding van crashed into people on London Bridge. Then 3 men with long (10 inch) knives went on a stabbing spree.

The van came to a halt on the south side of the bridge but it wasn’t the end of the carnage. Three men wielding knives 10 inches long began attacking passersby, even entering at least one restaurant to attack Saturday night diners.

Authorities aren’t sure of the casualty list yet. (Some people may have jumped into the Thames river to avoid the van.)

When things like this happen, the police are not there in force. As they say, “When seconds count, police are minutes away.” Maybe getting the Brits defend themselves with firearms is impossible. Maybe they just can’t see that in the instant of an attack, there is no system to rely on. But they are living a defenseless victim zone and that is certainly not working.