Tam Reminds Us it is The Anniversary of D-Day

View From The Porch: 6/6/44

The youngest guys wading through that bullet-stirred surf are ninety, now, and there are fewer every year who remember with advantages what feats they did that day…

Go watch The Longest Day. (It is on Netflix.) It isn’t a documentary, but it is pretty good, given the level of special effects available in 1962. And it really does have an “all star cast.” Everyone from John Wayne to Red Buttons.

As for the reference to “…what feats they did that day…” It is the St. Crispin’s Day Speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V. (Also known as the “Band of Brothers Speech.”) This version is from the (somewhat) underrated Danny DeVito film about an out-of-work ad man who gets a job teaching some army recruits.