Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

A couple of home invaders are in police custody. Robber shot by homeowner

So you find someone in your home at 3AM, what do you do?

The homeowner confronted the robber, according to reports.

“He told him to ‘get out, I’ve got a gun,'” the sheriff said. “Apparently, the robber told the homeowner he had a gun also, and they started exchanging gunfire.”

They exchanged at least a dozen shots. The would-be bad-guy was shot 3 times.

The guy who got shot and his girlfriend ran and hid in a wooded area, where they were found by a K-9 unit. He is in the hospital. She is in lockup.

Oh and – surprise! – the gun the bad guy had was stolen. So no, he didn’t pass a background check!