The Cost of Bad Security? Diplomatic Crisis

OK so the crisis is in Qatar. (Bonus points to anyone who can find Qatar on an unlabeled map.) The Hack that Caused a Crisis in the Middle East Was Easy – Motherboard

Basically, hackers (described by Z-Net as “script kiddies”) took over the official Qatar News Agency and published a bunch of quotes attributed to a leader (the leader?) in the country. The also took over the Twitter feed and did similar things.

“[The QNA] could’ve been owned by random script kiddies forever,” said a source familiar with the hack, who requested anonymity to discuss the details of what’s a still ongoing inquiry. “Security at the organization was so bad that anyone and everyone could have been in there.”

I hope I live long enough to see the day when everyone believes that data security is as important as locking your door when you leave the house, or wearing a seat belt. But I’m not holding my breath. (Have you installed Signal or WhatsApp? Do you know what Pretty Good Privacy is? Do you use a password manager? Yeah.)