Warnings From the Authorities Didn’t Do a Damn Thing

They warned him not to contact her again. That didn’t work out so well. Domestic-related shooting leaves 2 injured, 3 dead in Utah

[Just] three days prior to the shooting, the victim, identified as Memorez Rackley, contacted the police to report harassment from the suspect, 32-year-old Jeremy Patterson, who was told by authorities not to contact Rackley again.

They can’t wrap their tiny minds around the inescapable fact that violence is not stopped by the fear of their authority. (Legends in their own minds.) Be that a verbal warning from a cop, or written order from a judge, violent people continue to be violent.

I read all too many stories like this, in part because people have faith in the powers-that-be, misguided though it is. A gun may not have saved this woman, (“there are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snows”) but it is the only thing that might have. Fear of the authorities didn’t stop this guy. And do you think if he couldn’t get a gun, he would not have used a knife? He was caught up in “How dare you live without me!” No reasoning with that.

If you need a restraining order you also need a plan for your personal safety, because relying on the .gov for your protection rarely works out.