Not Sure America’s Cup Handled Man Overboard Correctly

Artemis Team Sweden’s skipper went overboard during a foiling tack. (That’s one type of turn for you land lovers.) America’s Cup: Artemis skipper Nathan Outteridge takes a dive, avoids disaster – NZ Herald

These boats move really fast, and losing your footing is not unheard of. Outteridge said it wasn’t the 1st time someone went overboard, and it probably won’t be the last, while sailing these boats.

But there’s a problem.

As he thrashed around among the waves, Outteridge admitted he panicked, when he saw his rivals bearing down on him.

“I was a bit nervous [Team NZ helmsman Peter Burling] was going to run me over, because they went around the other mark and he was aiming straight for me,” reflected Outteridge.

Seems like there is a simple solution. Orange smoke is a SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) standard emergency flare. West Marine sells a three-pack of hand-held orange-smoke signals for $32 bucks. Hazmat means shipping isn’t free.

That’s just one item that I thought of while reading the results of yesterdays racing. Seems like the guys who designed these super-cats could come up with something. It doesn’t even seem like a radio call was made to alert all boats in the area of a MOB situation. That is just poor management.

The news video of the incident is here.


2 thoughts on “Not Sure America’s Cup Handled Man Overboard Correctly

  1. Other choices:

    Personal GPS. (These are manufactured by several companies, they strap to your upper arm, to stay out of your way.)

    Radios that work over a larger distance. Once Outteridge was in the water, his radio didn’t work.

    Hell, even a helium-filled balloon that could be inflated tethered to his vest, would be better than nothing.

    But my biggest problem is that the referee boat – who apparently saw that he was in the water – did not radio this fact to all boats in the area. That seems simple and free.

  2. It matters because people have died during races. And I’m not even talking about the insane around-the-world, deep-blue-sea kind of racing. I’m talking about around the buoy racing like we have here. I know the America’s cup Luis Vuitton race (and these are finals to determine the AC challenger) is an important race. Important enough to risk someone getting hit by fiberglass wing moving 30 knots or better? Not to my way of thinking.

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