Armed Homeowner Holds Escaped Fugitives for Law Enforcement

Bad GuysThese were apparently some bad guys, but they picked the wrong house in which to hide. Neighbor, homeowner held Georgia fugitives at gunpoint for law enforcement | WZTV

Two escapees hold a couple hostage and then steal their car. The couple gets free and calls police. A chase ensues, ending in a crash and exchange of gunfire.

The inmates ran to a nearby home to attempt to steal another car. That’s when the armed homeowner stepped up.

“The homeowner stepped out and held the people there by gunpoint until a neighbor came out to assist him,” Miller said.

Rutherford County deputies then arrested the two suspects.

These guys are charged with having killed two law enforcement officers in Georgia last week.

Bad guys were stopped by a good guy with a gun.


2 thoughts on “Armed Homeowner Holds Escaped Fugitives for Law Enforcement

  1. I always thought that The Krauts (I’m German) erred on the side of caution. Guess I was wrong about that, eh?

    This is a confusing story; why would anyone leave children in the care of a known abuser?

    I understand that Child Protective Services (CPS … by any name) strive to maintain “The Nuclear Family”, but Hayzoos Christie … when the dude has already demonstrated that he’s Out Of Control, one would suppose that CPS would be sufficiently aware of the threat to ALL family members to keep the erratic A-hole away from the children!!

    Someone should pay. Big Time!

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