He Beat Her So Bad, She Was in the Hospital, But He Wasn’t Arrested: He Killed 2 Kids.

So much for women’s rights in Germany. German authorities left violent man alone with kids; he killed 2 | Fox News

Authorities in Germany say they saw no reason to take a woman’s three children into care after her husband beat her so badly she needed hospital treatment.

Two days later the woman came home to find he had stabbed their young sons, killing two and seriously injuring the third.

So the real question is, “Why wasn’t this asshole in jail?” Oh, because the Europeans are so much more civilized than us, they don’t throw as many people in jail as we do. Look how that turned out.

Prosecutor Anette Schmitt-ter Hell said police called to deal with the domestic violence incident Tuesday in the small town of Altenfeld decided not to remove the children, aged 1 to 4, “because the violence was only directed at the mother.”

Well, that’s OK then.