Why is the UK Press (or its online version) so Interested in This Bit of Self-defense?

I have seen it in 3 “papers” this week. The Sun, and The Mirror and now the UK edition of International Business Times. Not the most reputable collection of news organizations, but I can only guess they are mesmerized by the video. (It isn’t even that good.) California man who shot two home intruders dead is caught on surveillance video

(For the video, see The Mirror.)

So it’s a fairly basic story of self-defense of the kind highlighted here. A guy is sitting in his garage. Two would-be Bad Guys walk up and demand he open a safe that’s in the garage. He opens the safe, retrieves a loaded gun, and shoots both of them. They die.

Neither the homeowner nor the two killed have been named, WPXI reported. The homeowner will not be charged, as the incident appears to be a case of self-defence, police said.

This is where I would interject an opinion, or an observation, like, “They suffered a breakdown of the victim-selection process.”

There is blurry, night-time security-camera video from a neighbor’s house. There has been better video on any number of clerks defending themselves from attack – as convenience stores are better lit and often have a lot of cameras around.

But given everything that’s been happening in the UK – the London Bridge attack, etc. – I guess it is understandable that the British are becoming more interested in the idea of self-defense.

And for the record: Self-defense is a Human-right. Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0.


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  1. Interesting that they quote WPXI as a source. WPXI is the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh PA, nowhere near California. Totally consistent with your assessment of the quality of the three news organizations.

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