Chicago’s Weekend in Review

Hey Jackass 30 Day Trend

Chicago’s 30 Day Stupidity Trend

I don’t always agree with everything on Second City Cop, but for reviewing the mess that is Chicago, it is hard to get a better perspective. Second City Cop: Theory Fails VERY Badly

Chicago had a VERY bad Fourth of July. They tried to “work smarter” or something, but the brain trust in charge either doesn’t have a clue, OR things would have been astronomically bad without the changes. I leave to to you to figure out what the truth might be.

One hundred three people shot, fifteen of those assuming room temperature at the morgue. Looks like Riccio’s people arrested the wrong 58 people to say the least.

All that overtime, canceled days off, redeployments, missions, crystal ball gazing, shot spotting, etc. All of that for a 66% increase in bodies with holes in ’em. Take a bow Special Ed. You, too, Rahm. And Kevin, can’t forget Kevin. Anthony, step up. These are the fucking brains behind this monumental failure. Congratulations all around.

Chicago is on track to have a year like they haven’t seen in decades in terms of people shot and killed. The Graphic at the top is from Click the image for a larger view.