Politicians Passing the Buck: German Edition

In an election year could it be any other way? Germany’s G20 blame game – POLITICO

A city with a LONG history of Leftist/anti-capitalist violence is chosen as the place for the G20 to meet. What could go wrong?

The Social Democratic Party (SPD) is blaming Merkel and the Christian Democrats (CDU), usually characterized as conservatives, the police are blaming the politicians.

Only the CDU seems to be blaming the folks who actually perpetrated the violence.

The police response is still one I am struggling to understand.

The police, struggling to explain how they failed to bring roughly 1,500 left-wing hooligans under control despite the presence of more than 20,000 officers, blamed politicians across the spectrum.

“What happened is exactly what I and many colleagues predicted,” said Jan Reinecke, a senior Hamburg police union official, suggesting the political class had turned a deaf ear to their concerns.

Were they told to stand down? Were the rules of engagement such that their hands were tied? Or were they just worried about the optics of the situation? (Jack boots, etc.)